Dreammaker's Costume Rentals


Superheroes 45 minutes to 1 hour $100

Spider-Man, Power Ranger, or Michelangelo from TMNT are sure to add an element of excitement and adventure to your little one’s special party or event. The superhero will provide fun physical activity for the children showing off different moves and powers and having the children join along. The children are invited to show the superhero their own special moves and see if the superhero can do their moves. The superhero will interact with the children and play really fun age appropriate games and games related to the character. The children will be provided with a cool craft to do alongside the superhero. The character can be incorporated into the party as you see fit (presents, piñata, cake, etc.) or can be pure entertainment for the party. The birthday child will receive a signed picture of the character as well as a special gift from the superhero out of Dream Makers treasure box. The party guests will be offered stickers and/or tattoos so they are not left out. Superheros are a fun and cool addition to any little one’s party and are honoured to be a guest at your party!