Dreammaker's Costume Rentals

Terms and Conditions for Booking a Meet & Greet

The meet & greetĀ starts at exactly the scheduled time and will be complete at the scheduled time that was set out in the booking (unless otherwise specified).

An adult must closely and safely chaperone the children around the mascot at all times.
There are to be no smoking of any kind, open flames, or barbeques within 5 feet of the mascot at ALL times.
There is to be no face paints to be used near the mascot costume or be worn by the person in the mascot costume.
There are to be no food or drinks to be in the direct vicinity of the performer.
An adult must be present at all times in order to supervise any children that are in the vicinity of the mascot costume.
The mascot costume must be kept away from any type of water. This includes (but is not limited to) rain, hail, drizzle, humidity, swimming pools.

In the event of in climate weather, the mascot costume is to be protected by over head cover. This includes (but is not limited to) moving the outdoor party indoors or under a shelter.

There is to be no physical mistreatment to the mascot at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, kicking, pushing, hitting, or striking. In this event, the performer will leave the premise immediately and no refund will be issued. The renter/purchaser assumes full responsibility if any of these actions take place and Dream Makers Costume Rentals will be free from any claims from customer use or misuse; this includes injury, damage to person(s) or property(s), or loss that occurs out of customer use or negligence; this includes any legal expenses that are incurred in such a claim. The renter/purchaser assumes responsibility and liability for any and all action by the performer for injuries or misconduct which are a result of the costume/meet & greet.

The renter/purchaser agrees to take full responsibility for the rented costume(s). The renter/purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility that the costume will be used in a location that ensures proper and safe conditions. The renter/purchaser assumes full responsibility for any damage that occurs to the costume while it is at his/her event. The costume is to leave the event in the exact condition that it arrived in. The renter/purchaser agrees to pay for any costs that occur from any damage or cleaning that results from his/her rental of the costume.