Dreammaker's Costume Rentals

Terms And Conditions For Renting A Costume

The renter/purchaser agrees to waive any and all liability that may arise from the rental and use of the costume. This rental contract is a written, legal document between the renter/purchaser and Dream Makers Costume Rentals.
The renter/purchaser agrees to ensure that no misuse of the costume occurs, including any third parties for damage, loss, or injury to any person(s) or property(s) that may occur from customer negligence. The renter/purchaser accepts full responsibility for the rental of the costume(s) and Dream Makers Costume Rentals will be free from any claims from customer use or misuse; this includes injury, damage to person(s) or property(s), or loss that occurs out of customer use or negligence; this includes any legal expenses that are incurred in such a claim.

The renter/purchaser agrees to take full responsibility for the rented costume(s). The renter/purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility that the costume will be used properly and safely, and for the maintenance and return back to Dream Makers Costume Rentals. The renter/purchase agrees to all of the conditions set out in the “Safety Agreement” below. The renter/purchaser assumes full responsibility for any damage that occurs to the costume while it is his/her possession. The costume is to be returned in the exact condition that it was rented out in. The renter/purchaser agrees to pay for any costs that occur from any damage or cleaning that results from his/her rental of the costume. These costs will be deducted from the deposit that was collected prior to the rental, or if not sufficient, be collected from the renter/purchaser.

The renter/purchaser agrees to pay for any charges that may occur from the failure to return the costume by the set time outlined in this contract. If renter/purchaser fails to return the costume to Dream Makers Costume Rentals, Dream Makers Costume Rentals’ associates will keep the deposit collected at the time of rental and may take legal action in order to regain rented items without notice.